WEDDING Noel & Alvaro

29 September ‘18
90 guests


The last wedding of this wedding season was in Belgium at the estate of Altembrouck. This hidden historic estate is located between the hills and forest in the Belgian Voerstreek, close to Maastricht and Liège.
Ofcourse we were hoping for good weather and luckily the day looked promising with it’s sunny weather, the beautiful surroundings of the estate and autumn setting in.
Noel & Alvaro both started their morning at the beautiful estate and got ready together with their friends and family.
Before the ceremony, Noel & Alvaro saw eachother for the first time. She approached him in her beautiful dress of Kaviar Gauche styled with sneakers, which just reminded me of a fairytale. Rolando Porciento perfectly captured them and made some great and unique photos of the couple.
Once we started with the ceremony, Noel changed her sneakers into silver pumps (do you also get that fairytale feeling?) and walked down the aisle with her father.
The ceremony was personal, emotional & sweet. After the ceremony everybody enjoyed the last rays of sun and when sun set, we went inside for dinner and ofcourse; to party!
Noel & Alvaro had a great opening dance and the tone of the party was already set. But to make sure the party was going to be priceless, there were Peruvian dancers and at 00:00 it was time for the “Hora Loca”. Not familiar with this concept? Call it “the crazy hour” with lots of balloons and dress up clothes. You probably kind of get the feeling. Below you can find the whole coverage of the day shot by Rolando with a few photo’s of the Hora Loca (of which we keep the rest for ourselves ;-) ).



Planning: Over the Moon
Photography: Rolando Porciento
Location: Altembrouck