16 September ‘18
Domaine d’Heerstaayen
42 guests


This wedding was featured on Junebug Weddings.

Kate moved from the US to Amsterdam for work and Alex followed a few months later. To celebrate their new live in Amsterdam, they decided to have their wedding in the Netherlands.
Since all of their guests came from the US, they kicked off their wedding weekend with drinks at brewery Poesiat & Kater on Friday.

Kate & Alex wanted their wedding to be simple, relaxed and intimate and chose Domaine d’Heerstaayen, in the south of the Netherlands, as their venue. After they spent the morning getting ready and strolling through the streets of Amsterdam with Angela Bloemsaat, they headed off to the south together with all their guests.
Domaine d’Heerstaayen is a special place. When your arrive it feels like you’re in France, surrounded by vineyards. It’s a place full of character which only needs the slightest decoration to create a beautiful wedding setting. The owners are so nice & helpful, they already create that intimate and warm vibe. Domaine d’Heerstaayen produces their own wines and the owners know everything about wine. So if you’re a true wine lover, this might be also the place for you..!

The day itself was just magical. Everything just came together so perfectly; it was exactly like we had in mind. We kept it small, clean, intimate and classy. This wedding just shows to me how you sometimes only need a few things to create something beautiful. When you choose carefully but invest in the right things, whether it’s about clothing (Kate’s cape for example - how stunning and amazing!) or about styling (the small touches of black and copper on the table), you can create something beautiful which has a rich feeling as well.



Planning & styling: Over the Moon
Photography: Angela Bloemsaat
Location: Domaine d’Heerstaayen