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To make sure we fully understand what you have in mind with your wedding, we’re kicking off with a moodboard. Your moodboard will serve both as inspiration for you and as a guideline for your vendors.



Venue(s) & Vendors

Having the right venue(s) and vendors for your weekend is key to create an event which is unique and fits your personal style. We don’t work with a certain group of vendors but we’re always looking for the right match. This might be a party/person we’ve worked with before, but it might be a new one as well.



Planning of the process

When having a wedding planner, you don’t need to worry about the organisational stuff, but you still need to do your “homework” meaning you need to think about how you see the wedding and how you will make it personal. We’ll make a planning for all months which is also referring to our special Over the Moon checklist so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed but can take everything step by step.



Budget and payments

With planning a wedding, it’s important to have all costs clear and realistic. We will create a budget overview covering all costs and will keep this up to date. If you would like to, you can also let us do all payments to the vendors. We can discuss what works best for both of us to find the best solution.



Planning & co-ordination of the wedding day

To make sure all vendors clearly know what to do and what to expect on the day, we will provide a clear planning of the day with all needed information and contact details. In the lead up to the event we will be the main contact person for all vendors and at the wedding itself, making sure everything runs smoothly. In case you have a wedding existing of more than 70 guests, Sabine will have an assistant during the day to guarantee the level of service.




Based on the visualisation we’ll make a styling plan and we will arrange all needed styling materials and/or people to bring this feeling to life. Depending on the amount of styling we will do the styling ourselves on the day, or we ask a second party to help us with the execution.



Contact person for your guests

To make sure you won’t be overwhelmed by all kinds of questions of your guests, you can write down our contact details on your invite and/or website. Guests can contact us for all kinds of questions regarding how to get there, hotel recommendations, dietary wishes, gifts etc.