photo by IRIS DORINE

photo by IRIS DORINE

Getting married! Whether you throw a huge party with hundreds of guests, host an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest, or quietly elope together as bride and groom in a cosy ceremony for two, a wedding is always a special and romantic moment and a celebration of love.

Your wedding is also your way of showing who you are as a couple - a reflection of your two personalities coming together.

However you choose to celebrate, there’s no doubt that planning a wedding requires a lot of planning, creativity, determination and time. It can be tricky - especially alongside a full-time job and all the other commitments of your busy lives. You might have dreamt about your wedding for years, but how do you turn your dreams into reality?

Well, that’s where I come in…
I set up Over The Moon in order to help busy brides and grooms turn bright ideas into an unforgettable day with very little stress.  
I got married myself in June 2016, so I know what’s involved, what’s important, and just how much there is to think about.

And thanks to a background in Buying - sourcing products for the likes of Ace & Tate and HEMA, negotiating costs and working to tight deadlines - bringing something beautiful to life on time and within a set budget is now second nature to me. I like clarity and transparency from the get-go, and open communication along the way. That way, you know exactly what to expect, there’s no confusion and everyone’s happy.

With all the hassle taken out of planning your wedding, you’re free to enjoy your day to the fullest and feel truly over the moon with happiness!

To find out more about the wedding planning services I offer, click here.

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